Are you ready to

change your story?

At Karis House we welcome young women who find some things in life a real struggle.

Your struggle might be with anxiety, low moods, abuse, eating disorders, self-harm or previous addictions.

We know that breaking free from these isn’t easy, so to be accepted into Karis House you must have a real desire to overcome them.

You have to be ready to commit to totally changing your life.

To be prepared to feel hope again.

So you can finally be who you are meant to be.

Karis House has helped me to see that there is hope and that God has an amazing future planned out for me. When I struggle to see this hope, the staf at Karis hold onto it for me.
~ Laura ~

We take your personal commitment seriously.

 This means we will always want to talk with you directly, even if someone else like professionals, relatives or friends contact us first.

However well-meaning someone else’s desire for your recovery is, unless we see that you want it for yourself we can’t proceed.

Are you ready to change your story?

Click the button below to send us a message & we’ll come back to you soon.

Please include your name and telephone number.

We will take young women once they are free of drugs, alcohol, or any replacement drug such as methadone.

Karis House is a strictly no smoking zone. No smoking is allowed throughout the entirety of the programme.

Being accepted into the house was a set of crossroads where I had been given the opportunity to fight and find life worth meaning or continue the self-destructive cycle. God gave me Karis as a place to call home.
~ Anna ~