Our Story

We’re here to serve our young people and the community and because of that The Lighthouse Project Spalding has grown and grown.

When we find a need, or it finds us, we do everything we can to help and support.

Over the years this has led to having many different areas to the project.  The one thing that unites them all is 

giving back power in life to young people who have had it taken from them.

We won’t stand by and let this cycle of dysfunction continue.

I’d love to talk you through our timeline of how we have grown to support so many people across Spalding…

The Lighthouse Project Spalding is a charity and has no funding.

All the work done here is only possible because of individual’s fund raising and private donations.


Home House 

Volunteering with a youth group I saw young people being made to live in totally unsuitable conditions. Young women were put into houses with much older men they didn’t know and were forced to share living spaces, including the bathroom, or paying £100 a week for a mattress on a floor. The young people were struggling with this and had absolutely no support or way out from it.

So, we bought a house and filled it with young homeless people. Now, we have the house and a team who support the young people, teaching them critical life skills like budgeting, to help them integrate back into society.     


Lime House 

A year later we were approached by the council to help homeless young people with babies. Having young Mum’s move into Home House wouldn’t have been right for them, their babies or the young people living in Home House.  They also needed to be taught the additional skills of parenting, alongside other life skills.

This is where Lime House came in. We opened a new house, took on our staff members, and The Lighthouse Project Spalding grew. 

At Lime House we provide a home with a family feel, that includes support and teaching to help vulnerable women learn how to run their own life and become part of the community.


Shining Stars

To give our Mum’s somewhere to meet other parents and build relationships from outside the charity we started Shining Stars.

It’s our lively parent and child group run by our qualified nursery nurse, supported by volunteers providing experience for local young people

Over time it has given them opportunity to gain experience in learning run activities and leading the group.

Shining Stars has grown and grown and has become really popular in the local community. It now provides support for our families and those around Spalding too!


Karis House 

This was a vision long before The Lighthouse Project Spalding even existed! 

A life transforming home that gives young women battling with life controlling issues hope & opportunity to change everything.

In 2012 finances, staff, location, everything all came together at exactly right time and Karis House was born.


The Lighthouse Project Spalding

Cafe & Shop

How can we support our young people more, the local community and run the charity? The answer – open a Cafe & Shop!

The young people gain work experience, learn skills and receive references for when they’re ready to move on. Plus learn more about how to integrate with the local community and get satisfaction from a job well done.

It’s become a local community hub and when there’s any profit it helps a towards the costs of running the charity.


The Lighthouse Project Spalding

Furniture Store 

From the Shop we got given so much furniture we needed more space! 

We didn’t want to leave the Sheepmarket in the centre of town, instead we found a Store location Broadgate House, near the bowling alley and got a van to be able to do pick ups and deliveries.

Here we can display the furniture and the young people have used their creative skills in up-cycling the furniture.

We love that through these two locations we get to help and support our local community too! 


Karis Crafts

The creativity of the young people at Karis House isn’t limited to up-cycling. They also love crafting and are so artistically talented – we may be biased!

They’ve been crafting for years, but there’s a limit to how much space there is in a house!

Led by the students Karis Crafts are now available for you to buy. You can select from online or our stalls, and even request bespoke pieces.

We visit conferences, churches, coffee mornings and other events. The young people love sharing what they’ve made and having the chance to share their story of transformation.

This is our story.

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The Lighthouse Project Spalding is a charity and has no funding.

All the work done here is only possible because of individual’s fund raising and private donations.